The Rota do Petisco (Tasting Trail) brings to you the most delicious food at the best price. The Passport of the Rota do Petisco enables you to taste each of the Petisco (tappa) menus selected by the adhering restaurants for only 3€ (one drink included). Each menu leads you to know the best local products and the most traditional cooking techniques. From Odeceixe to Odeleite, there are a lot of options! Therefore, you are invited to enjoy every moment until November 4, and to discover the most tempting flavours from the coast to the mountain, from the East to the West, from the bustle of the city to the quietness of the country. Venture into this trail and take your friends and family to taste this journey. After all, an experience like this deserves to be shared. We can ensure you good moments. Only a last warning: after the first petisco, it will be hard to stop.


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