If meat is not your best friend and fish makes you remember Nemo, the Rota do Petisco (Tasting Trail) also thought of you. We are aware that some Algarvian dishes can be quite tricky. Here, “feijão com couve”, i. e. beans with cabbage, does not properly means a vegan meal, and a dish with a such innocent name as “milhos” (corn) can be fairly surprising (attention: sausage warning!). From now on, you will no longer need to ask the waiter: “Does this have any meat?”. All of this is in the past. This year, you will perfectly know where you stay. Unpleasant surprisings are over. In this edition of the Rota do Petisco, all Tappa menus prepared without meat or fish will be signalized in the Rota’s passport with a Vegan Stamp. Therefore, why don’t you challenge your meat-lover friends and relatives to try something new? Have you ever imagined that you could be their guide to this new taste experience and make them discover how much enjoyness a plate of well seasoned mushrooms or some fresh arungula can provide? Firstly, you only need to consult here all the restaurants that are serving Vegan Stamp menus.


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